In this follow-up to the successful The International Callback Book: An Insider's View, author Gene Retske, an active participant in the telecommunications revolution, brings events up-to-date and provides a glimpse at the future of the telecommunications industry from the trenches, where the real battles are fought. This book covers the significant actions and issues, to see not only how competition has developed, but where it is likely to lead. A thorough treatment of the telecommunications technology, from the invention of the telephone to today's global IP networks is presented. Learning the history of competition in telecommunications from the Carterphone decision to the impact of the Internet will help you to not repeat mistakes made in the past.

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In Memoriam

Lenny Retske

SOLVOX is the premier resource for information on the competitive telecommunications industry. SOLVOX is headed by Gene Retske, noted telecommunications authority, author and speaker.

SOLVOX has provided individual consulting and support to a variety of companies around the world, from startups to global enterprises.

In addition to his two best selling books, Gene has written over 800 articles in over 30 publications in addition to his own newsletters and magazines, including Phone+, Intelecard News, Prepaid Press, Telecom Business, Communications Week, and even, Newsweek. He has been quoted extensively in publications around the world, including the Wall Street Journal, and appears frequently at industry trade shows.

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Gene is a Contributing Editor of The Prepaid Press, the highly regarded trade publicationcovering the prepaid telecom industry.

Be sure to check out Gene's book on the competitive international telecommunications scene - A Guide to Competitive International Telecommunications.

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